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Corporate Affairs and Governance

East Cheshire NHS Trust is committed to using a systematic and holistic approach to governance and recognises that the proactive and continuous management of governance systems is essential to the efficient and effective delivery of its service aims and objectives and that all actions contain inherent risks.

Governance is central to the effective running of any organisation and is part of the organisational culture of safety, risk management and quality. At its simplest, governance is good management practice and should not be seen as an end in itself, but as part of an overall management approach. The board of East Cheshire NHS Trust work to ensure that decisions made on behalf of the organisation are taken with consideration to the effective management of governance.

Our Services
The Governance Department at the trust includes:
  • Information governance

  • Clinical audit, effectiveness and research

  • Risk management

  • Health and safety

  • Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response

  • Fire safety

  • Legal services

  • Counter fraud

  • Customer Care (complaints management and Patient Advice and Liaison Service)

  • Corporate governance
  • Volunteer Management
  • Communications and public engagement
  • Conflict of Interest Management

You can contact our Corporate Affairs and Governance Department by telephoning: 01625 663608