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Trust Strategy 2022-2025: ‘Our Healthy Future Together’

East Cheshire NHS Trust’s Strategy for 2022-2025 is called ‘Our Healthy Future Together’.

This strategy sets out our purpose and strategic goals and what we are going to do during 2022-2025 at the trust. 

The Trust Board, Executive teams, our people and our partners have all been engaged in developing this strategy.

We have taken account of national, regional and local priorities, and listened to how our staff are feeling about the strengths of the organisation and the challenges we face over the next few years.

This strategy ‘Our Healthy Future Together’ demonstrates our ambitions for our communities, our work colleagues and the patients we collectively serve and has five key focus areas; Patients, People, Communities, Partnerships and Resources.

Please read the documents below to find out more about ‘Our Healthy Future Together’, our approach to developing this strategy and how we will achieve our goals.

Strategy 2022-25: Our Healthy Future Together                                                

Strategy 2022-25: Our Healthy Future Together – summary document

You can also watch Chief Executive Ged Murphy introduce the Strategy below.